There is something about it being the beginning of the semester and I am not in school! It is like wow, where have the years gone. I didn’t realize that school was such a part of what I did and how I thought. It has been a period of transition that is for sure as I adjust to what is it like post-school life. However, there are two things I do know….school is never over…you (at least I think) that I am continual learning. I am learning new things, and no maybe I don’t have homework to do anymore…at least for right now, I am still learning. And what I am also starting to understand is that we have to make goals. Without goals, you are kind of like a ping pong ball just flying through the air. You have to aim for something, does that mean you will get it every time…does it mean it will happen the day and second you plan for it to happen…not at all. That is part of it being a goal, someone told me it doesn’t matter if the date shifts..what matters is that you have a goal.

So I have my list, my goal! And I will say probably the biggest thing I have learned to value since being done with school…I can be present with my friends. I can spend time getting to know more about their lives, I can talk, text, call, Facebook message, and not think…ok that is one more hour that I have to stay awake reading this book or writing this paper. I am free to be present with people and I love that. I am loving that I am getting to talk to friends and make better friends and deeper relationships.

I guess the biggest life lesson is that things shift! Even this blog, I was thinking about that today. When I first started this blog (yup you can go back and read the very first blog post) I was scared, angry, and unsure of what the future would be. I knew I would have to learn to live with the Rheumatoid Arthritis, the Lupus, the Fibromyalgia, and all the many other health issues that have come including Chronic Fatigue, Sjogrens, Asthma, Type 2 Diabetes, and much more. So my blog was selfishly my therapy. It allowed me to connect and find people that were like me. But what I don’t think I realized was that this blog helped me grow, I connected with some amazing people who have become great friends. And those people have watched me grow and mature through the past two degrees, and nearly 6 years. This blog has grown beyond anything I could have imagined, I never though when I fist put my thoughts down what would happen. And I love that! I love that people can watch life happen, because that was the purpose. Nope I’m not a doctoral student anymore (yay!) but I am still learning, growing, changing, and advocating for a better future, for goals, for you to live you passions and dreams, and for you most importantly to not give up simply because you are battling an invisible illness.

Hang in there, and thank you for letting me share my life with you!


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