It is just part 

It is just part of life, life changes as we grow and mature! I have learned that this week, many thoughts have gone through my mind, the first of which….I’m glad that this week is over :). I have come close to many things, been in many different places, crossed three states and back, and I am happy that the journey is over. For this week anyway!

The why of my business changes, I have heard that over and over. This week my business took on a new why, a why that could move with me. I learned to I love I have a MK business to go bag :). I learned I can run my business from anywhere! I learned I am so happy I started my business nearly 7 months ago! I love what I have learned, the things I see now ever so clearly, and this journey. Some days I wonder how good I am at it, some days I wonder why? Am I doing this right? So many thoughts but this week, I love that I see so clearly that ups and downs, twists and turns are all part of life! And ultimately yes I am so happy! I can’t wait to see the future, I can’t wait to continue to grow. I can’t wait to see 5 years from now! 

Off to play with my kids! These great inspirations kept me going this week! So I am sharing with you!

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