The journey of life

Life has the ups and downs. There are days that are great and days that are draining. I’ve seen a lot more draining days these past few weeks, but I also realize that through those draining days I’m finding strength I didn’t realize I had. I had a great conversation with a friend last night. And it made me think, some have asked…would you trade in the life you have right now with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and so on…for a life that didn’t have any of those problems. Granted seven years ago when I was struggling with my new diagnosis, I would have said heck yes! I want this GONE, totally GONE! And granted today, I do want it gone, I do want to wake up just one day with no pain, one day with no fatigue, one day with out the side effects of medications. BUT I also wonder…would I have the strength I have today? Would I have the determination I have today? Would I have the passion for people that I have today? The truth of the matter is probably not…and I say that because my life with RALF (as we like to call it) have molded me into the person I am today. Fighting through the sickness and fatigue to finish my masters and doctorate…that build determination in me. Pushing forward to raise awareness, opening my blog, and voicing my life so others can see what living life is about…that built determination in me. That built passion in me, and through that passion I have grown so much. I have opened a business for women and families, I have joined set goals to reach and dream about things I can do for others. I have developed a vision for what I want to see happen. Would I want a day where my illnesses are in remission, oh for sure. BUT I want to use my illnesses to be the person who can bring awareness and change. Awareness to these diseases is important, awareness to how life is with these diseases is important, and awareness that you CAN still do things is important. Life doesn’t have to stop, does it slow down….does it take longer to get to your goal because you are sick…maybe. Even this month, I had a goal of how I wanted to start the month of September with regards to my business. Did it happen no, but did I give up…most certainly not! I just shifted the date a bit. That’s the key, don’t give up because life gets tough. You just adjust, slow down, and keep going!

2 thoughts on “The journey of life

  1. In following your posts I have seen all that you’ve done and have been amazed and inspired by you. “Normal” people may not even have the drive and ambition that you have, to accomplish what you have accomplished. I am glad that RALF has become your companion and you have chosen to seem ‘him’ as a positive. So many people give up and become bitter and negative with our diagnoses. I feel like you do. Fibro has indeed blessed me in ways that I would have never found out if I had just had a “normal”life.

    1. Awww I am loving that I get to connect with people like you! We might not have gotten to choose our lifelong friend (RALF) BUT I am loving that I get to find people who encourage me and inspire me to keep going. THANK YOU for posting! I love love love hearing from readers!

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