Have you ever tried to research biologic medicine??? It is insane that there are sooo many other there! I’m meeting my rheumy on Monday to discuss new options for me. I am a fail on Enbrel. I am hopeful there is one out there for me. I’ve asked for Orencia, my rheumy has suggested Rituxan. Ultimately I know it depends on insurance and co-pays. Any suggestions on navigating the rough waters of switching biologics? 

3 thoughts on “Biologics?

  1. My rheumatologist had an open discussion with me about pros and cons about several different meds. We decided on Rituxan. She has had more success with it than Orencia or Remicade. I was super nervous about starting an infusion drug. The first few days post infusion were rough. Fatigue was awful but I wasn’t in pain. I’m 2 weeks post infusion getting ready for my second and I’m still not in pain. Just having some weird nerve pain. This is the first medication I’ve been on that has relieved the joint pain. I hope it works for you and it conto work for me!

  2. Ask your rheumatologist about low dose naltrexone (aka LDN). It is, and has been for years, showing great results for a whole range of autoimmune illnesses. It also has none of the side effects found with the other meds. For more information check out and There are also numerous videos on YouTube about how it works and its effectiveness, as well as some Facebook groups.

  3. I used Enbrel 1st and then Humira. Both worked for a little while but then stopped working. I now have been on Remicade for almost 6 yrs and it’s still working pretty well (crossed fingers!) I think you just have to keep trying until you find the one for you. Good Luck Joanna!

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