A New Year

Nope not quite 2016 yet but my sixth (6th) year of marriage had ended and my seventh (7th) has begun! We have also started our 10th year as being a couple! Hard to believe that for nearly 10 straight years my husband had been my constant. The person who has seen all the ups and downs with my diseases, has watched me graduate with not one, not two, but three degrees! My husband who is now working toward his educational career and dreams. And we are where we never thought we would be. 

We talked this weekend about how much we have grown and changes. We have matured, we have seen the darkest of nights and some of the most joyous mornings. Will more come, yes I have no doubt…..especially with these diseases! 

 I am excited to see this new year! I’m excited to see what GOD will do this next year of marriage! I’m hopeful for even bigger and better things to praise God for! He is good and he is faithful, he will never leave us! 

#ontoyearseven #mymarykaylife #positivethinking #determinedfigher #godisalwaysgoodandfaithful 

4 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Thank you for the beautiful little post. I am so thrilled for you. I’ve been married 38 years, and I had an accident 15 years ago. Slowly our families have all turned their back’s in supporting us. Not really interested in our life or what we deal with. I would love to pick your brain a bit, and ask if you go back and think about your hard times together, what kind of support would have helped you. What could anyone have done that might have helped your husband cope better and you cope better. We all know that study’s show that the divorce rate is around 75%. I can see how this could happen if two people are completely alone, overwhelmed, overworked, and doesn’t have time to talk. When support comes such as someone being helpful in coming by and bringing food, or someone just allowing you to talk, people not surmising and coming up with ridiculous answers, etc. It’s not that we feel we have to be served. But there is a such thing as kindness towards another. And those who lack basic friendship of their friends and the relatives, never do well. They do have great streaks in there God, but they stumble a lot. As we all do! I’m not sure if I’m making sense but if I am I would love to hear your comment. Thanks. Cathy.

  2. I’m sorry, I’m seeing other’s writing back! 🙂 It’s been a big, full year, and I know you couldn’t understand being able to just sit and eat bon bons! hahahaha. I absolutely LOVE your question and I have my very own soap box of opinions! And I did a survey to see what was the problem. After doing two about 3 or so years a part…. nothings changed. I’m putting together a talk, as I have a FB Page that I’m going to re-do, but some want some advice. That was part of my job when I had every brain cell popping around. If you want to add to it, please do….. what you said is true…. yet my questions is… if doctors tell us that, shouldn’t they help some? “Oh money”. “NO, make money”. Every family (not just mom and dad_ must see the counselor in their office once together to understand things. Treatment will begin more aggressively after that. Of course Doctors have to be smart and know when a family isn’t going to come or help. And they can’t keep medicine from the patient. But, if they did what they could for the patient and then tell them after the meeting they will talk about more aggressive treatment… just maybe the kids would come. I am just astounded by my very close family. It was decided that Brain trauma might make me say something I shouldn’t say (probably so – and it was hilarious), and they were scared of seizures. And a Service Dog? So…. tho not much was said – enough was said through little words and big actions.

    This is the subject I am most interested in as soon, I will have my talk and my writing for Linked In. Doctors want to hear, so why not?

    Thanks for writing, And more later. I need someone to interview me, so who knows…. 🙂 Cathy

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