Catching Up!

I spent so many months debating on whether or not to continue my blog. I felt that while I was in school, there was so much I could share and show being a student, full-time worker, and living with two auto-immune issues. After I graduated I felt like what else could I share! After spending some time away from my blog, I realized how much I missed it. I miss just sending my thoughts out to the universe.

Since my last blog post I have been super busy at the office. All a good busy, I love what I do! Almost three weeks ago, I started bleeding super heavy. Never in my life have I ever bled that badly. Long story short, it quickly led to my second hospitalization, my first one in ICU. I’m still healing from being so sick with Sepsis, a lung infection, and a terrible asthma flare. I am scheduled for surgery this Friday, my first one ever.

I will say 2016 didn’t quite turn out how I hoped. Before the end of the year I hope to visit Chicago (it better snow) and we hope to be in Seattle/Vancuver for New Years! I love to travel so as I make it to places, I will be posting pictures. I am set to go to Italy again! I can’t wait to share those picture too!

Off to get a few more things done before surgery time. Send up happy thoughts and prayers for me!


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