We lost our Bruce (Siberian Husky) in May. It broke our heart to let him go but his Crohn’s disease had advanced to the point he was suffering so much. It was time. Leia (our Frenchie) was so used to having a brother around we knew she would be devastated to be alone. So before Bruce died, we brought home Michael ( he was a 8 week Pyrenees). I have always loved giant breeds, having Michael only makes me love them more. He wants nothing more than to love on you. He loves to play with his toys and chew on his Kongs.
A few pictures of our kids.

Michael is now 90 pounds and 9 months old! Leia is 5 years old, Pepper is 4 years old, and Precious is working on 11 years. We love our furry kids. They bring us so much joy, yes they are all super spoiled (but why shouldn’t they be!).


2 thoughts on “Pictures 

  1. That’s how it is in my home. I have my daughter and her 2 brothers an English and French bulldog. She wants another puppy and I’m one please away from the yes. My boomer is almost 11 which in bulldog years is getting old 😢

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