Day 2 Post Op

Day two Post op has been tough. Hubby woke up feeling worse than he had been Friday. He finally went to the Redi Clinic and turns out he has tonsillitis. He got some antibiotics and prescription cough medicine so we hope in a few days he feels better.

Today for me has been a severe pain day, I’ve been sleeping on/off most of the day. I got up to watch the Texans play and slept through the three quarters. At least they won!

The kids have been cuddly all day, which has been nice. Breathing hurts so bad, and moving hurts so bad. I don’t know which pain is worse – the surgery pain or the pleurisy!  God help anyone else in this situation! We knew complications could occur, this was just not one we guessed would happen!

This week my only goal is to rest, heal, and pray medications start to work! I got a whole pack of steriods to help my lungs heal, which will help reduce the pain of every breath. My inhalers are going to help too. The pain meds for the surgery pain will help me continue to walk a little bit more each day, we are having me walk up and down the hall at the house. We need to keep me moving to reduce the potential for clots and it will help me from getting stiff.

I’m two weeks past when I need my Simponi (my auto-immune suppressant for my RA and Lupus). As you can imagine that pain is also severe! I need my shot as soon as I am healed, I can’t take it before since it will shut down my immune system and if I’m not healed I will get tremendously sick again.

We continue to be so grateful for everyone who has called, texted, checked-in on us, etc. We are so touched by everyone’s support!

A few pictures from today!

The girls love to cuddle today!
Leia’s favorite spot, on the bed beside me!
She loves to cuddle!
Peppermint Hot Chocolate to help my throat feel better! #lovethenewredc
I waited in the car for the hubby to see the dr at the Redi Clinic (thank goodness HEB had a spot for him. #onantibioicsnow

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