Day 3 Post Surgery

We talked to my OB today, she called after she got all my records from Saturday’s ER visit. We had also left her a message so she would know what all was going on. She let us know that my lungs were one of the biggest issues (next to my RA and Lupus) going into surgery. They started IV steriods even before I went under anesthesia and gave me some before I left for the house. But apparently that was not enough. Now her biggest concern is if I need more surgery somewhere down the road….we will know that my lungs won’t handle it well.

It’s funny because I was not born with poor lungs. I didn’t even have asthma as a kid. The damage to my lungs is 190% from my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. Back in 2010, when I ended up majorly sick in the hospital for two weeks….my lung lining was damaged. Since then I’ve been consistently on asthma medicine. This past year, any cold I have needed to get stronger inhalers (over my usual ones). I’ve noticed that change in my lungs, it is scary because you only get two lungs! I didn’t anticipate this complication from surgery; although, honestly I needed the surgery so badly….we would have probably gone forward with the surgery regardless.

For the first time since 11/15 I’m not bleeding heavily, giving us hope that the D&C and the myomectomy was a success. Before November I never even knew what a fibroid was! I can only imagine women who have fought the battle with fibroids for years! I cannot imagine what is is like for you! I fought the battle for weeks and I was mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. I knew when the massive bleeding (unlike anything ever in my life) started on the 15th that something was wrong…we never expected the next few weeks to happen but we are so glad that it looks like things are going to be much better after I heal!

Now the goal is to go months before ever having to go back to the ER, and years (if ever) before having to deal with Sepsis or another surgery!

Hubby is doing better, thank goodness for the HEB RediClinic! The antibiotics are working as is the couch syrup they prescribed. Nothing is worse than both members of the household being so sick :(. At least the furry kids haven’t  been sick, although I feel for them since we both have felt so bad…they have had to spend a bit more time than their usual in their bedrooms.

Here is to hoping that tomorrow things are better, that my lungs hurt a little less with every breath and that each movement does not feel like I’m being stabbed with a knife. And that hubby wakes up feeling better too! My goal tomorrow is to sit in bed, answer emails, and rest!

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