Day 4!

Great news, the hubby is feeling much better! The antibiotics and hot drinks are helping, he feels 85-90% better! Yay!!

I’m amazed how some people think the body works! I’ve had some (not many but some) people start asking me today if I’m back to my normal! I just shake my head, it’s hard enough to live every day fighting through RA and Lupus. But add a surgery where your uterus has been cut, and add every breath feeling like someone is stabbing you. Hmmmm I don’t think even a “normal” person would be back to his or her normal!

Pleurisy isn’t a coughing issue, it is every breath causes severe pain. There is unfortunately nothing that can be done to help or fix it but I am on oral steriods. The oral steriods will help the lung lining heal (become less inflammed) and that will reduce the pain with every breath. I so wish couch meds or tea would help it!

I was able to spent the day watching Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girls, Sex and the City, random Lifetime shows all while working away on emails. It is nice that your job is so dependent on emails, and it gives me the human interaction I need (even if it is only emails)!

I did some laundry (that took a while) and I did a load of dishes (who knew it took so much energy to load the dishwasher! I felt super proud of myself! And I took a shower, washing my hair! Now the trick will be straightening it! HAH!

The day surgery and emergency department both called to check on me today. I appreciate the thoughtfulness to call. While there isn’t really anything they can do, it helps to know they at least care to check on you!

The kids have enjoyed just relaxing today, Michael is growing bigger and bigger every day!

The couch is hers
Michael has claimed the love seat
I love NY pants are awesome, and Leia is buried in the blue blanket!
Michael believes the love seat is his exclusive bed
Leia is all worn out!

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