Healing One Step at a Time

I spent today on emails and working on budget. While I miss getting ready and getting to the office, I do enjoy I can work from home and keep up with emails and things at the office. We are winding down for the semester, which is another great thing. We have said time and time again, if this whole mess had to happen…it happened at the best time possible. The “slowest” time of the whole semester is the week before Thanksgiving through the end of the semester….and when did the bleeding just randomly start…the week before Thanksgiving! God always knows!

Pain today has been pretty steady, I try to not depend on the pain medicine. One thing I hate is being pain medicine dependent, it is far to easy when you live in constant pain. I’m hoping by tomorrow or the next day I will see a change in my breathing, I will have been on steroids for 5 days at that point….and I anticipate that helping my breathing improve.

I have my first surgical follow up appointment on Tuesday. I’m feeling more and more confident I will be flying next Wednesday….moving slow (most definitely) and not up to my normal (that will take weeks) but at least moving! And hopefully seeing SNOW! : )

Hubby went back to work today, he feels so much better! I hated that he was sick when I was sick. He rarely get sicks so it always sucks! BUT he is much improved today, I would say pretty close to his normal.

Off to watch the Survivor finale! One day I will have a Survivor cake 😀

Such a gorgeous tree
Leia loves to snuggle
Precious taking advantage of my wheelchair
Pepper loves the couch
Michael is an adorable baby
I love Leia’s ears

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