One month today!

One month today, 11/15, my world changed in a way I never anticipated. I’m so glad that today I am definitely not where I was last month. Last month I was bleeding so bad I couldn’t change fast enough, I was crying because the cramps were so bad, and at this time, I was actually sitting in an ER getting ultrasounds done and fluids.

Two days later, I was back to the ER and this time getting admitted for Sepsis. And then it just goes from there. I’m grateful this month, I am almost one full week post surgery. I’m healing slowly every day. Today I can breath better, I think the massive steroids are working on my lungs. I can breath and it not feel like I’m being stabbed, just a little raw.

I’m moving slow and super sore, but I’m trying to move a bit each day. My goal Saturday (one week post surgery) is to get on my treadmill and just walk for 5-10 minutes (work my way up). I need to keep my legs moving!

I spent today working on finding a new pulmonologist. The CAT scan came back with a small (5mm) nodule in my right lung. While we know that RA can do that, we want to make sure to be aggressive with ensuring that is all that it is. I hope to see my PCP after the holidays to get a referral, that also gives me time to find a pulmonologist that I can hopefully see. It is always something right!

At least we are making progress in the healing department! One step (one day) at a time!

#healing #day6postsurgery #holidays2016

2 thoughts on “One month today!

  1. And even though there weren’t pictures today, I’m sure your animals are happy snuggling with you on your road to recovery.

    1. Hahahahaha yes! For sure! I got some good pictures of the kids! I had to stop posting them though, people will feel like I’m spamming them with my furry kids! I’ll save it all for the Facebook page and instagram and save my bloggers 🙂

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