It’s been almost three weeks since surgery (Friday will be three weeks!). The second week of recovery and this week has been spent traveling! I know, not what you would think someone would be doing but thankfully I’ve done pretty decently with the travel. Wednesday of last week I flew to see my amazing friend, she lives just outside of Chicago proper and I loved it. Snow was on the ground, it was nice and cold, and she has the most adorable Basset Hound (named Sherlock)! We spent the days relaxing, talking, sleeping, and exploring. I also got to visit a winery/restaurant I’ve wanted to visit for a year. Coopers Hawk……open a branch in Texas please! 

I got home on Christmas Eve night and spent Christmas Day on my couch, catching up on the West Wing. We headed the next day and landed in rainy (yet awesome) Seattle! We spent our first day exploring the blocks close to our hotel, I’m amazed there is little parking but it hasn’t been too bad because our hotel is right on Pike Street. 

We are enjoying getting away and seeing new places. We talked about coming here last year, and I’m so glad it worked out. Thursday it is supposed to pour rain so I hope to spend my day working on planning 2017 goals. One thing I missed this year, I didn’t have a drive/a focus for anything in particular. I was just keeping my head above water and I don’t like that feeling. I miss (desperately miss) the goals of homework and class schedules. But I realize I can find organization in other things – finances, goal planning, working out, and my business. So that is one thing I hope to work on this coming year. Focusing more on consistency and goals, things can be achieved and when you are constantly working toward something I’m the first to say – you feel grounded. 

Off to get some rest, pictures of our day are posted on my Faceboook page (see link to the side). Seattle is cerainly an amazing place! 

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