I love the Christmas Break #toabetteryear2017

It’s been a great two weeks since “break” officially started from work. Not only getting to see my new favorite city (Chicago) and getting the opportunity to experience Seattle/Vancouver, but I also enjoyed just getting some time to rest and plan. I’ve got a list of better habits I want to work on this year and so far I’ve been doing decent at sticking to those habits.

Next week it is back to the usual  – job and life. I’m excited though, we have many great things planned for this semester. I always enjoy starting a new semester especially the Spring. I guess maybe because that means summer is next :).

I hope this year doesn’t fly by like the last one did! It seemed like one second it was January, then July, then November and then New Year.

One thing is for sure, I hope to spend more time focusing on what I need, in addition to what others need from me. I’ve learned you cannot always be filling up others…you have to fill up yourself too!

#toabetter2017 #mymklife #passion #resilience #healing #betterhabits #iwillbepositive #thereisalwayshope #ra #lupus #fibro #sjogrens #fibroid

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