A purpose of goals is to create new and (usually) better habits! I am so excited for some of the new goals and steps taken this year. One of which is getting an Apple Watch and tracking my daily steps. There is something about getting off the couch and onto Toby (treadmill). What I have learned is it is hard to walk on a treadmill with an IPhone 6+. For the health app to track your steps, you have to hold your phone and that tends to smack the emergency stop bottom (more than once). Which that violently throws the treadmill into a stop which causes one to almost smack their new face of braces into the front of Toby. So I’m anxiously waiting for my Apple Watch to get here. I went to play with some today and I am anxiously stalking my order (please stop processing and send now!). 

Financial tracking has been one of the best additions to our lives (thank you EC Finance Facebook group). It is not only tracking our paying down debt, but it is also tracking our daily expenses as well. We have always had a budget, although not always living to the budget. The medical expenses the past several months and the wishlist (what we want to do with our future) are just part of the desire to track and learn to balance the books! The wish list has things from trips to Europe, Canada, and many more fun locations in the United States! 

Other than that, it’s been an awesome weekend trying to adjust to braces. Pain is a normal thing with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus, it’s been interesting to see how much the pain of braces has affected the flares of the other issues. Maybe by next  week chewing won’t be so difficult. Although maybe the soup will help with the weight loss goals #hearisdreaming

Let’s see what comes this week! 

#newyearnewgoals #ra #lupus #fibro #sjogrens #asthma #resilience #braces #2017 

Leia sleeping away
Michael rules the couch

6 thoughts on “Goals

  1. You got this. I can’t wait for you to get your watch so you can hook up with my mom and Aunt Tina. They both inspire each other to get up and move. It’s an awesome tool to use for sure! ❀ XOXO – Bacon

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